City walk with an (ex)homeless guide

€ 15,00

Welcome to our city walk in Nijmegen with the theme of homelessness! During this unique walk you will explore the city and learn more about the life of homeless people in Nijmegen.

Our experienced guides will take you through various locations where homeless people often find themselves, such as parks and public squares. During the walk, the guide will inform you about the challenges homeless people face, as well as the resources available to help them.

The walk takes about 2 hours and costs 15 euros per person. For pupils and students we offer a special rate of 6 euros per person.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn more about homelessness and its impact on our society. Book your city walk now and discover a different perspective of Nijmegen.

The meeting point is in front of the Valkhof museum in Nijmegen, from where we walk to the starting point at one of the highest points of Nijmegen, where the guide will start, and we walk through parks, back alleys, and then away along the Waalkade under the bridge, another piece of nature via the dike upwards. This activity is suitable for children.

Vagebond on the road in Arnhem, let yourself be shown around by Experience Experts Bjorn & Inge, and they will show you the city of Arnhem as you have never seen it before.


Walking through the centre of Apeldoorn the guide points out a spot near a supermarket where a homeless person can regularly be found. "At various places you come across people begging. Once I gave the man who often sits here 5 euros.

Homeless people really don't only spend their money on drink or drugs."

During the walk, the guide also tells something of his life story bit by bit.


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