Map Invisble Nijmegen Podcast

€ 3,00

Uncover the hidden stories of Nijmegen with the Map Invisible Nijmegen Podcast.

Hosted by Vagebond, this podcast takes you on a journey through the city, exploring the lives of those often overlooked. Through interviews and personal narratives, the podcast sheds light on the challenges and triumphs of people experiencing homelessness, poverty, and other forms of social exclusion.

Listen to the Map Invisible Nijmegen Podcast to:


    • Gain a deeper understanding of the complex issues facing our communities.


    • Challenge your own perceptions and biases.


    • Connect with the human experience in all its diversity.


    • Be inspired by the resilience and strength of those who have overcome adversity.

Join us as we explore the hidden side of Nijmegen, one story at a time.